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Become a globally recognized leader in Protein Degrader drug research and development
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Targeted Protein Degradation is a new direction for innovative drug development. As a pioneer and leader in this field, Leadtak is willing to innovate and develop new drugs to meet the unmet clinical needs to transform patient's life.

The road of innovative drug development is bumpy and full of hardships, may we go forward together and look forward to beautiful destinations!

Staying true to our original aspiration and your mission will be accomplished.

Take dreams as horses and live up to youth!

Dr. Yan Feng CEO and Founder of Leadingtac
CEO interviewed by the media
Our CEO was interviewed on the 30th anniversary of "Zhangjiang-China Pharmaceutical Valley", sharing the story of the origin of Zhangjiang and the start-up of Zhangjiang, introducing the company's development and vision, and expressing the high recognition and good wishes for the platform of Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley!
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