Our Science
Focusing on the development of First-in-class/Best-in-class small molecule innovative drugs
Discovery Platform-1
Nano-SPUD ® for Target Protein
Construct cell lines specifically expressing the target protein of interest using Nano-Luc platform that offers high-throughput screening with high efficiency and superior sensitivity.
Discovery Platform-2
Nano-SPUD ® for E3 Ligand
Under the aid of CADD/AI design, construct cell lines expressing novel E3 Ligands to expand IP space and increase druggability, and empower us to develop new class of molecule glue drugs.
Discovery Platform-3
Lyso-SPUD ® Platform for Lysosome
Harness Protein Degrader (intracellular protein degradation) natural defects, power Lyso-SPUD to degrade membrane-anchored or extracellular proteins by.
Features of Lyso-SPUD

Exploit the lysosome system to degrade key membrane proteins like PD-1 / PD-L1, and extracellular soluble protein, such as the TGF-beta, FGF21 etc.

Evolved from the development of ADC and bispecific antibody, Lyso-SPUD provide the promise of more safe and druggable of our degraders.

The strategy of Degradation plus inhibition offers better therapeutic benefits for the patient.

Targeted Proteomic Platforms-4
Targeted Proteomic Platforms
Targeted proteomics - protein quantitation

Absolute quantitation of target protein of interest (MRM)

Timely monitor the degradation of Multiple Target Protein (PRM)

Biomarker screening and validation (DDA/DIA)

Screening of novel E3 ligase substrate (DDA/DIA)

Discovery Platform-5
Target Protein KO/KD Mice by CRISPR/Cas9
Target Protein KO/KD Mice by CRISPR/Cas9

Establishment of Target Protein KO/KD Mice by  CRISPR/CAS9

Exploit the function and  safety of Target Protein in mice by observing phenotypic alteration in mice

Through KO/KD mice platform, expand the new opportunities of clinical unmet indications

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