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Academic Qualifications
In Vitro Pharmacology Research Scientist
Pharmacology Department
Bachelor or above
Job responsibilities:

1、Execute Western Blot, ELISA, AlphaLISA and other cell-based assays to profile activity and generate mechanism-of-action data for small molecule discovery.

2、Analyze, interpret, present data to cross-functional project teams and write the research reports

3、Work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team environment

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above in biomedicine, bioengineering/technology, molecular biology, cell biology or other related majors, with 1~3 years of relevant experience.

2、Experience with molecular biology techniques such as western blot and other cell based assays

3、Excellent communication and organizational skills.

4、Attention to details

5、Strong desire to be part of a highly innovative company

In vivo pharmacology and pharmacodynamic Research Scientist
Pharmacology Department
Bachelor or above
Job responsibilities:

1、Construction and use of animal models based on rats and mice, including drug modeling, surgical modeling, etc..

2、Based on existing animal models to carry out routine animal experiments, including drug administration, observation, anesthesia, sampling, gavage, gavage (intraperitoneal) subcutaneous injection, intravenous drug administration and blood sampling, load tumor, etc., tissue sampling, to assist in the completion of the pharmacological and pharmacodynamic evaluation.

3、Cell primary isolation and culture, transgenic culture and related cell biology tests (not necessary).

4、Support the company's new drug development Assist or be responsible for DMPK experimental design Results analysis.

5、Establish animal disease models, in vivo and ex vivo drug evaluation models and methods Screening and experimental validation of drug candidates;

6、Optimize the experimental method design according to the preclinical efficacy study protocol.

7、Organize and analyze experimental data and form research (practical) reports.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above, graduated from biology, biotechnology and related majors.

2、Rich experience in experimental animal operation, as well as the ability to review English literature, and design and complete experiments independently.

3、Be able to use WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT skillfully and have some knowledge of statistics.

4、Love to work, willing to dedicate, with teamwork spirit.

Clinical registration filing leader
Regulatory Affairs Registration Department
Master or above
Job responsibilities:

1、fully responsible for the management and coordination of preclinical (IND) toxicology, efficacy and pharmacokinetic studies of innovative drugs.

2、Responsible for the preparation of preclinical (IND) registration data.

3、Responsible for coordination and cooperation with other R&D departments of the company;

4、Responsible for coordinating and communicating with external preclinical research institutions, CROs, and other units.

5、Responsible for organizing project meetings, reporting with the responsible work, monitoring the project’s progress, solving project problems, and ensuring the regular advancement of the project.

6、Responsible for collecting domestic and international drug policies and regulations, technical requirements, and timely follow-up of international registration-related regulatory guidelines.

7、Maintain the relationship with the leaders and experts of the pharmacovigilance department and establish a good company image.

Job requirements:

1、Master's degree or above in pharmacy, clinical medicine or pharmaceutical science and other related majors, with more than 3 years of relevant work experience.

2、Be familiar with drug registration management methods, have an understanding of pharmacology, pharmacology registration and other drug development processes.

3、Have the quality and style of honesty and trustworthiness, positivity, pragmatism and seriousness, responsibility and dedication.

4、Participate in the work of new drug declaration (IND) related process.

5、Possess a solid English foundation and be able to read English literature skillfully.

6、Good at communication, responsible, proactive, strong execution, team spirit, strong comprehension.

7、Be able to adapt to short-term business trips.

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